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Caucasian gambit (vectors security and energy).

The book “Caucasus Gambit (Security and Energy Vectors)” analyzes the influence of the energy factor on the formation of the modern geopolitical architecture of Eurasia . The author describes the ethno-political dynamic in the region of the Caucasus in the context of the word-wide transformation of modern international relations in the 21 st century, and she proves the close interrelationship between geography, security and energy resources, a relationship that portrays the geo-energy field as a key for the understanding of the processes occurring on the international scene. The battle between new and old actors for dominance in the Black Sea-Caspian Sea area outlines the challenges lying before the security of the countries in the region. In that direction of thought, the author concentrates on the specifics of the geopolitical positions and on the activities of Russia , Kazakhstan , Azerbaijan , and Georgia by providing a historical review of the principle conflicts in the Caucasus . High attention is paid to Bulgaria as one of the key points in the Eurasian energy vector that connects Central Asia, Russia , and the Caucasus through the Balkans with Europe .


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